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2 years ago

How to earn money by youtube montelizetion

You are here: Home » Features » How to Make Money on YouTube: 101 Monetization Tips How to Make Money on YouTube: 101 Monetization Tips May 7, 2013 By Michael Johnston 0 Comments Each year countless ambitious entrepreneurs set out to make a fortune through YouTube, with visions of massive followings, big paychecks, and a generally glorious career. Most of them, of course, fail to make millions monetizing their original video content–for a number of different of reasons. But there are countless YouTube success stories as well. Below, we provide 101 tips, tricks, inspirations, resources, and reading items for those looking to make a living, or at least some additional spending money, through YouTube or other online video sites. (By the way, you may also be interested in our guides to making money on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, iPhone/Android, and with display ad networks; you can also join MonetizePros to access in-depth e-books and video tutorials.)